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Brick Fence Designs

There are a number of way to bring hardscaping into a landscape design. Stone pathways, flower bed brick edgings, retaining walls, flagstone patios, benches, fountains, sculptures, and rock boulders can all be fused into your home landscape design. Fences are another hardscape design element that help to contain your flower garden or water garden and protect your beautiful flowers from damage from animals and people. Fences can bring focus to a landscaped area along with providing privacy and security. There are plenty of fence ideas too, from vinyl, to wood to shrubbery. Hedges and shrubbery are perhaps the most natural form of fencing, however if your property lacks hardscaping elements to give it structure, a fence might work well. Fences don't have to be dull however.


We redefine your outdoor living space with a landscape that is as unique as your fingerprint. We create unique custom landscapes with a three steppingstone process that streamlines the planning, design and implementing phases with conceptual plans, lifestyle hand colored renderings and master plans. The result is a highly personal landscape that adds value to your home and extends your living spaces and enjoyment thereof.

SLDA Landscape Design Associates serves exclusive clientele in the communities of: Arlington, Belmont, Carlisle, Concord, Dover, Lexington, Northborough, Sherborn, Southboro, Wayland, Wellesley, Westford, Weston and Winchester MA.

Brick fences and brick walls are a rather formal type of fence idea and may be appropriate for certain properties. Brick fences are popular today. They combine a post or column structure made of bricks with the actual fence material made of wood. That wood fencing can be anything from finished wood products to wrought iron, to vinyl and aluminum to split logs. You need to know what fence material you want to use before you build the brick column portion of the fence. Split log fences are probably best suited to rural homes where they will be free from damage from people. Split log fences are often found in properties with natural elements including flower gardens.

SLDA Design Associates don't build fences however for fence ideas you may want to refer to landscape architectural magazines and landscape design magazines. Your local bookstore will have many books on fences and landscape design and you can discuss all your hardscaping ideas with your landscape designer.

All fences need to be designed properly by a landscape construction firm.

Home Makeovers

Do your home makeover with your outdoor living in mind and enjoy having a home without limits to living and entertainment. From decks to hot tubs to water gardens that are lit up at night, the world inside your home will brighten up with a better home landscape.

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SLDA is a Sudbury MA based landscape architect and landscape design firm. We primarily serve the area just west of Boston.