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Prefabricated Waterfalls

Thinking of including a waterfall into your water garden or swimming pool. One alternative to having it custom built, is to utilize a prefabricated waterfalls structure. These structures can be purchased online or via your local landscape supply company. They can certainly enhance your backyard landscape. The choice to do it yourself or hire a professional landscaper to build it for you is your decision. However, when you're installing large prefab waterfalls, you might want to consider consulting with a professional landscape architect.


We redefine your outdoor living space with a landscape that is as unique as your fingerprint. We create unique custom landscapes with a three steppingstone process that streamlines the planning, design and implementing phases with conceptual plans, lifestyle hand colored renderings and master plans. The result is a highly personal landscape that adds value to your home and extends your living spaces and enjoyment thereof.

SLDA Landscape Design Associates serves exclusive clientele in the communities of: Arlington, Belmont, Carlisle, Concord, Dover, Lexington, Northborough, Sherborn, Southboro, Wayland, Wellesley, Westford, Weston and Winchester MA.

Some prefabricated waterfalls are complete self contained units and your landscape designer may be able to incorporate them into your landscape project. One piece waterfalls can weigh several hundreds of pounds and will require help when you install it. Prefabricated waterfalls can range in height from 12 inches to 8 feet or more and there's hundreds of ways to position them within your yard or water garden.

The materials used in prefab waterfalls range from fiberglass to and each will come with its own unique characteristics, strength and durability. For swimming pool waterfalls, there are complete units that bolt onto the side of your swimming pool. These may not have the beautiful appearance you might have envisioned for your backyard swimming pool landscape however, they may be inexpensive. If you're sensitive to tacky looking artificial boulders, you may want to hire an architect to design a complete waterfall system that matches your landscape and home.

Home Renovation

Do your home renovation or home makeover with your outdoor living in mind and enjoy having a home without limits to living and entertainment. From natural stone walkways and patios, to beautifully sculpted trees and lawns, the world inside your home will brighten up with a better home landscape outside.

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